Facebook Launches New Business Ads Publication Management Tool


Facebook Launches New Business Ads Publication Management Tool

Facebook has announced the launch of a new tool for managing personal information on the platform – Manage Activity.

This tool will allow users to archive and delete publications (both individually and in blocks) and better control their presence on Facebook. 

Using the new Archive feature available in Manage Activity, users will be able to hide publications that they don’t want to show to other people but want to keep for themselves.

The tool also allows you to transfer publications to the basket, where they will be deleted after 30 days if the user does not decide to delete or restore them manually.

Manage Activity
Manage Activity

Manage Activity also has filters that allow you to sort publications and find the ones you need. For example, entries from specific people or over a specific period of time.

Initially, the new tool will be launched on mobile devices, and then will be available on desktops and in Facebook Lite.

Developers will also continue to expand its functionality so that users can more effectively manage their presence on Facebook.



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