Finally a very fast and quiet SSD?


Interestingly, the read speed is only slightly less than the write speed.

Blogger Linus Sebastian, known for his YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, has tested the promising Crucial T700 SSD, a promising top model with PCIe 5 bus support.

fast and quiet SSD
fast and quiet SSD

Like many analogues, the Crucial T700 will be built on the Phison E26 controller, but the absence of an active cooling element will be a distinctive feature of the designDue to the small width of M.2 SSDs, they use small and very noisy fans, which is not the case with the T700. Therefore, there will be no noise. True, it is not yet clear what the temperature regime of operation will be.

fast and quiet SSD
fast and quiet SSD

As you can see in the picture, the sequential read speed is 12.4 GB / s, the sequential write speed is not much lower – 11.85 GB / s.

There is no word yet on when the Crucial T700 will be fully ready and available for retail. Most likely, this will not happen before the summer.

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