Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Inspiration for the Wanderlust Dad


Stuck in a rut when it comes to Father’s Day gifts? This year, ditch the traditional tie or cologne and ignite your dad’s adventurous spirit with a gift that fuels his wanderlust. Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel publisher, has curated a selection of inspiring travel and lifestyle books that cater to every dad’s unique interests. From cycling enthusiasts to train aficionados and eco-conscious explorers, there’s a Lonely Planet title waiting to spark his next adventure.

erfect Father's Day Gift
erfect Father’s Day Gift

Gearing Up for Great Britain: “Best Bike Rides of Great Britain”

For the dad who thrives on two wheels, “Best Bike Rides of Great Britain” offers the ultimate guide to exploring this diverse island nation by bike. This comprehensive book features 40 curated cycling adventures designed for all skill levels, from leisurely E-bike rides to challenging climbs through rugged landscapes. Detailed maps and easy-to-follow routes make trip planning a breeze, allowing your dad to discover hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike.

Unveiling Britain’s Beauty:

“Best Bike Rides of Great Britain” goes beyond just routes. The book provides insightful commentary on the unique landscapes, wildlife, and historical sites encountered along the way. Whether it’s traversing the wildlife-rich South Downs or conquering the majestic Yorkshire Dales, your dad will gain a deeper appreciation for Britain’s natural beauty and rich heritage.

Urban Adventures and Beyond:

The book caters to both urban explorers and countryside enthusiasts. Suggested routes weave through bustling cities like London and Bath, allowing your dad to experience the iconic landmarks from a unique perspective. But for those seeking a more rural escape, numerous off-the-beaten-path options exist, offering tranquility and stunning vistas.

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All Aboard for Epic Journeys: “Amazing Train Journeys”

For the dad who loves the romance of travel by rail, “Amazing Train Journeys” takes him on a global adventure without ever leaving his armchair. This captivating guide showcases 60 of the world’s most remarkable train journeys, transporting him across breathtaking landscapes and through diverse cultures. From the iconic California Zephyr in the USA to the enchanting Bernina Express in Switzerland, the book caters to a variety of interests and budgets.

Insider Tips and Luxurious Options:

“Amazing Train Journeys” goes beyond simply listing routes. It provides inspiring imagery, personal recommendations from travel experts, and insider tips to enhance your dad’s experience. Whether he’s seeking a luxurious first-class adventure or a budget-friendly option, the book provides valuable guidance to ensure a memorable journey.

Off the Beaten Path Delights:

The book ventures beyond the typical tourist routes, highlighting hidden gems like the breathtaking journey from Belgrade to Bar in Montenegro, where stunning scenery unfolds at incredibly affordable prices. This curated selection allows your dad to discover the magic of train travel while exploring lesser-known corners of the world.

Exploring the Offbeat: “Offbeat North America”

For the adventurous dad who craves a more sustainable and unique travel experience, “Offbeat North America” is the perfect companion. This inspiring guidebook steers him away from tourist traps and uncovers hidden gems across Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Sustainable Adventures and Cultural Immersion:

“Offbeat North America” encourages travel with a conscience. It highlights destinations like Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah, where pristine landscapes can be explored with minimal environmental impact. The book also delves into rich cultural experiences, from visiting indigenous communities on Manitoulin Island, Canada to celebrating at the vibrant Wikwemikong Annual Cultural Festival Powwow.

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Rediscovering Hidden Gems:

This travel guide goes beyond the usual suspects. It encourages exploration of lesser-visited states like Alabama, Iowa, and Missouri, proving that adventure can be found anywhere. Whether exploring charming wineries in the Texas Hill Country or discovering the unique beauty of Manitoulin Island, “Offbeat North America” ignites your dad’s curiosity and inspires him to explore the vast and diverse landscapes of North America.

A World of Gardens Awaits: “The Joy of Exploring Gardens”

Does your dad find solace and inspiration in the beauty of a well-maintained garden? Then “The Joy of Exploring Gardens” is the perfect gift for him. This visually stunning book celebrates 180 extraordinary gardens from around the world, encompassing everything from iconic locations like Monet’s House and Garden to hidden gems like Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados.

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