Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale 2024 Ends Today


Calling all smartphone enthusiasts! The clock is ticking on the Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale, with today, June 19th, marking the final day to snag incredible deals on your dream phone. From high-end flagships to budget-friendly options, Flipkart’s sale offers a smorgasbord of discounted smartphones, with additional savings through bank card offers, no-cost EMI options, and exchange programs.

To help you navigate this treasure trove of deals, we’ve curated a list of five smartphone steals you won’t want to miss:

Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale 2024
Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale 2024

Apple iPhone 15: Premium Power at a Discount

Craving the latest Apple innovation? The iPhone 15 is now available at its lowest price yet during the Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale. The 128GB base model starts at a tempting Rs 67,999, but it gets even better! By using the Flipkart Axis Credit Card, you can slash the price further to a jaw-dropping Rs 64,599. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the power and prestige of the iPhone 15 without breaking the bank.

Key Features of the iPhone 15:

  • A17 Bionic chip: Apple’s latest and most powerful processor to date, delivering lightning-fast performance and unmatched efficiency.
  • Advanced camera system: Capture stunning photos and videos with a cutting-edge camera system featuring significant upgrades compared to previous models.
  • Super Retina XDR display: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and crystal-clear visual experience with a stunning display.
  • Durable and sleek design: The iPhone 15 boasts a premium design that’s both stylish and built to last.

Who should consider the iPhone 15 (Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Deal)?

  • Apple enthusiasts looking to upgrade to the latest iPhone model.
  • Users who prioritize top-tier performance, camera capabilities, and a premium user experience.
  • Those seeking the prestige of owning the newest iPhone.
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Google Pixel 8a: Mid-Range Marvel with Stock Android

Searching for a powerful and clean software experience at a more accessible price point? Look no further than the Google Pixel 8a during the Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale. The base variant with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage starts at a competitive Rs 49,999. Upgrading to the high-end 8GB RAM and 256GB storage variant brings the price up to Rs 56,999, which is still a significant discount compared to its original price tag.

Key Features of the Google Pixel 8a:

  • Google Tensor 2 chip: Google’s custom-designed processor delivers smooth performance and excellent battery life.
  • Renowned Google camera: Capture stunning photos and videos with Google’s acclaimed camera technology.
  • Stock Android experience: Enjoy a clean, bloatware-free software experience with timely updates directly from Google.
  • Sleek and compact design: The Pixel 8a offers a comfortable and stylish form factor that’s perfect for everyday use.

Who should consider the Google Pixel 8a (Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Deal)?

  • Users who prioritize a clean and up-to-date Android experience.
  • Photography enthusiasts seeking excellent camera performance from a renowned brand.
  • Budget-conscious users looking for a powerful and reliable mid-range smartphone.

Motorola Edge 50 Fusion: Fresh Launch, Fresh Deal (Starts Today!)

The recently launched Motorola Edge 50 Fusion joins the party with a hot deal at the Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale. This phone starts selling today, June 19th, at noon with a discounted price tag of Rs 20,999 for the base 8GB RAM and 128GB storage model. This shaves a cool Rs 2,000 off the original price, making it a fantastic option for those seeking a new and feature-packed smartphone within a budget.

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Key Features of the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion (based on announced specifications):

  • Powerful processor: While exact details are yet to be confirmed, leaks suggest a capable processor that can handle everyday tasks and gaming with ease.
  • High refresh rate display: Enjoy a smooth and visually stunning experience with a display boasting a high refresh rate.
  • Triple-camera system: Capture a variety of shots with a versatile camera system.
  • Sleek and modern design: The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion boasts a stylish and modern design that stands out from the crowd.


Q1: When does the Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale end?

A1: The Flipkart Mega June Bonanza Sale ends today, June 19.

Q2: Can I get additional discounts on smartphones during the sale?

A2: Yes, additional discounts are available for select bank card users, including the Flipkart Axis Credit card.

Q3: What is the best deal on an iPhone during the sale?

A3: The iPhone 15 128GB model is available for Rs 67,999, and you can get it for Rs 64,599 using a Flipkart Axis Credit card.

Q4: Are there any deals on gaming smartphones?

A4: Yes, the Infinix GT 20 Pro is a great option for gamers, available at Rs 21,849 with a Flipkart Axis Credit card.

Q5: How can I avail of no-cost EMI and exchange offers?

A5: No-cost EMI and exchange offers can be availed at checkout, provided you meet the eligibility criteria for the respective options.