“Front Edge”: Russian RTS Sets Sights on Steam Conquest


Calling all strategy game enthusiasts! A new contender has emerged in the real-time strategy (RTS) arena, and it’s poised to make a splash on Steam. “Front Edge,” a captivating title developed by the Cats Who Play team, is gearing up for a global audience after its initial release on the VK Play platform in Russia.

This news comes as a welcome surprise for fans of the genre, particularly those seeking a fresh take on modern warfare strategy. While “Front Edge” is currently available for free on VK Play, the developers have ambitious plans to expand its reach and capture the hearts (and minds) of gamers worldwide.

Russian RTS Sets Sights
Russian RTS Sets Sights

A Glimpse into “Front Edge”: Modern Warfare Takes Center Stage

While specific details about “Front Edge” remain under wraps, the developer’s description paints a picture of an intense and immersive experience. The game promises to thrust players into the heart of modern warfare, demanding strategic thinking and tactical prowess to achieve victory.

Here’s what we know so far about “Front Edge”:

  • Real-Time Strategy Gameplay: Players will command and control their forces in real-time, issuing orders and adapting to the ever-evolving battlefield.
  • Modern Warfare Setting: Prepare to wage war with cutting-edge weaponry and tactics, mirroring the realities of contemporary military conflicts.
  • Strategic Depth: “Front Edge” is likely to require careful planning, resource management, and quick decision-making to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • Unveiling the Details: More information about specific features, gameplay mechanics, and factions is likely to be revealed as the Steam launch date approaches.

The decision to bring “Front Edge” to Steam signifies the developer’s confidence in the title’s appeal and their ambition to reach a wider audience. Steam boasts a massive user base of strategy game aficionados, offering “Front Edge” a platform to gain international recognition.

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Community Engagement: Fueling the Hype

The Cats Who Play team is actively seeking community support to promote “Front Edge” on Steam. By encouraging players to add the game to their wishlists, they’re generating buzz and anticipation for the upcoming release. This strategy not only fosters excitement but also provides valuable data on potential player interest.

The community response to this call to action will be a telling sign of gamer enthusiasm for “Front Edge.” A strong showing on Steam wishlists could translate to a successful launch and a loyal player base for the game.

The Road Ahead: When Can We Expect “Front Edge” on Steam?

While the initial release on VK Play offered players a taste of “Front Edge,” the Steam launch date has been pushed back to February 2025. The developers cite “objective reasons” for this delay, but haven’t elaborated further.

This delay could be due to a variety of factors, such as the need for additional polish, optimization for the Steam platform, or potential localization efforts to cater to a global audience. Regardless of the reason, February 2025 offers a clear roadmap for when players can expect to experience “Front Edge” on Steam.

In the meantime, gamers can explore the free-to-play version on VK Play to get a feel for the game’s core mechanics and potential. Adding “Front Edge” to their Steam wishlists is another way for players to show their support and stay updated on the game’s development.


Q: What is “Front Edge”?

A: “Front Edge” is a real-time strategy game developed by Cats Who Play that focuses on modern warfare.

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Q: Where can I play “Front Edge” now?

A: As of July 10th, 2024, you can play “Front Edge” for free on the VK Play platform in Russia.

Q: When will “Front Edge” be released on Steam?

A: The Steam release for “Front Edge” has been pushed back to February 2025 due to “objective reasons.”

Q: How can I stay updated on “Front Edge”?

A: You can add “Front Edge” to your Steam wishlist and follow the developer’s announcements for the latest updates.

Q: Is there anything I can do to show my support for “Front Edge”?

A: Adding the game to your Steam wishlist is a great way to show your support. You can also follow the developer’s social media channels for further engagement opportunities.