Once Human: A Survival Dream Tainted by Technical Woes?


July’s gaming landscape was poised for a double dose of excitement, with both The First Descendant and Once Human garnering significant anticipation on Steam. However, the recent launch of Once Human has been met with mixed reviews, casting a shadow over this promising post-apocalyptic survival title.

While the core concept of Once Human – a multiplayer survival experience in a desolate future – resonated with many players, technical issues and concerns about the game’s privacy practices have dampened the initial enthusiasm. Let’s delve deeper into this story and explore the current state of Once Human.

Once Human
Once Human

A World of Promise: Unveiling Once Human

Developed by Starry Studio, Once Human throws players into a ravaged post-apocalyptic world. This open-world survival simulator throws players into the fight for survival, with opportunities to forge alliances, unearth hidden conspiracies, and carve out a piece of the shattered world.

The game boasts a wide range of features, including:

  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Team up with friends to face the challenges of the wasteland.
  • Monster Encounters: Engage in combat with a variety of fearsome creatures.
  • Resource Management: Scour the environment for vital resources to ensure your survival.
  • Base Building: Construct your haven in this unforgiving world.

A Shadow Falls: Technical Concerns and Privacy Fears

Despite the allure of its post-apocalyptic setting and engaging gameplay elements, Once Human’s launch has been marred by technical difficulties and user concerns regarding data privacy. Several negative Steam reviews highlight these issues:

  • Performance Hiccups: Reports of technical problems, including lag and performance issues, plague the initial release.
  • Privacy Intrusions: Some players express fear of hidden background processes and potential data mining activities, citing mysterious processes appearing in their task managers and changes to registry settings.
  • Limited Character Creation: Launch-day limitations allowed players to create only one character per account, hindering the ability to experiment with different builds or play styles. (This issue has since been addressed by the developer with a patch.)
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These concerns have left many gamers wary, creating a sense of unease surrounding Once Human. While the potential for a thrilling and immersive survival experience remains, the current technical state and privacy anxieties may deter potential players.

Starry Studio Responds: Addressing User Concerns

The developer, Starry Studio, has acknowledged the negative feedback and is actively addressing these concerns. They have released a patch resolving the single-character limitation and have promised to investigate the reported performance issues and privacy concerns.

However, regaining user trust takes time. Whether these efforts will be enough to quell anxieties and entice players back to Once Human remains to be seen.

The Road Ahead: Will Once Humans Survive the Initial Hurdles?

Once Human launched with a bang, capturing the attention of many gamers. However, the technical glitches and privacy fears have left a significant mark on its initial reception. The onus now falls on Starry Studio to diligently address these concerns and demonstrate transparency in its practices.

The future of Once Human hinges on the developer’s ability to optimize performance, investigate potential privacy violations, and communicate their approach to data collection. If they can successfully navigate these challenges, Once Human still holds the potential to become a captivating and engaging survival experience.


Q: What is Once Human?

A: Once Human is a multiplayer survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must team up, fight monsters, gather resources, and build their territory.

Q: Why are people giving Once Human mixed reviews?

A: While some players like the game’s concept, many have reported technical problems and are concerned about the game potentially collecting data without their knowledge.

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Q: Has the developer addressed the concerns?

A: Yes, Starry Studio has released a patch to address the single-character limitation and has promised to investigate the technical issues and privacy concerns.

Q: Should I buy Once Human?

A: That depends on your tolerance for technical problems and your comfort level with the game’s privacy practices. You may want to wait and see how the developer addresses the issues before purchasing.