Gaming smartphone Redmi K40 Gaming Edition will receive side mechanical buttons


Gaming smartphone Redmi K40 Gaming Edition will receive side mechanical buttons

A video has been published on the Internet (see below), demonstrating one of the gaming-grade smartphones Redmi K40 Gaming Edition features: Xiaomi will officially present this device shortly. The video shows a unique feature of the device: the first mechanical side buttons in the smartphone segment. They are designed to perform certain actions in games.

Redmi K40
Redmi K40

The buttons are hidden inside the case until the user moves the special sliders. After that, the buttons are raised above the side of the device.

It is noted that the applied solution provides excellent feedback and clear audio response. Moreover, it is said about high reliability: during testing, the buttons worked 1.5 million times without any complaints.

The system is based on magnetic forces, making it possible to replace rather massive mechanical structures with two strips of magnets containing sequences of elements with different polarities. Depending on the position of the sliders, these modules are either attracted to each other or repelled.

The video also shows the main three-module camera of the device. The processing load will fall on the powerful Mediatek Dimensity 1200 processor, and the display will support a refresh rate of 144 Hz. 



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