Get Active at Hamad Airport: Celebrate Qatar National Sports Day with Fun Fitness Activities!


Touch down at Doha and get your heart pumping! Hamad International Airport (DOH) is transforming into a vibrant hub for fitness enthusiasts as it celebrates Qatar National Sports Day. Take part in diverse activities, from playful challenges to friendly competitions, and experience the spirit of this national celebration.

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: Fun Activities for All Ages

No matter your age or fitness level, there’s something for everyone! Immerse yourself in a range of interactive activities:

  • Challenge yourself: Test your agility with the Leopard Crawl or Tyre Challenge, or go head-to-head in a classic Sack Race.
  • Unleash your playful side: Show off your skills in the Hula Hoop Competition or Tennis Tetherball, or unleash your inner child with a Paper Plane Competition.
  • Push your limits: Aim for the ultimate squat in the Hang & Squat Challenge, or test your speed in the exciting Runway Dash.

More Than Just a Transit Point: Celebrating a National Tradition

As Qatar’s gateway to the world, Hamad International Airport goes beyond offering exceptional travel experiences. This initiative reflects the nation’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and actively participates in national celebrations. By joining in, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Qatari culture and witness the vibrant spirit of this special day.

Join the Movement: Be Part of the Celebration

Hamad Airport warmly invites all travelers to participate! Engage in the various activities, spread awareness about the importance of fitness, and create lasting memories at this unique airport event.

Beyond Sports: A World-Class Travel Experience Awaits

Since its opening in 2014, Hamad International Airport has consistently earned acclaim for its passenger-centric approach. It’s not just a transit point; it’s a versatile lifestyle destination. Indulge in delectable fine dining, explore captivating art collections, enjoy world-class retail therapy, or unwind in dedicated entertainment areas and relaxation spaces.

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