Ryanair Soars Higher with New Ground Handling Partnership: Skytanking Takes Off!


Ryanair, the undisputed heavyweight of European skies, just announced a strategic alliance with Skytanking Aviation Services, a leading ground handling provider. This 6-year partnership, taking flight in April 2024, promises streamlined operations across key airports, ensuring smooth journeys for millions of passengers.

Efficiency Meets Cost-Effectiveness: A Winning Formula

As Europe’s undisputed champion in daily flights (over 3,600!) and passenger volume (a staggering 183.5 million annually), Ryanair prioritizes both efficiency and affordability. This partnership with Skytanking hits both targets, guaranteeing fast turnaround times – a pillar of their low-fare model – while keeping costs in check.

Tom Kelly, Ryanair’s Deputy Director Ground Operations, expressed his enthusiasm: “This 6-year deal ensures we maintain our industry-leading turnaround times, keeping fares low for our customers. We look forward to collaborating with Skytanking and expanding this partnership across the UK, Netherlands, and beyond.”

Skytanking: Ready for Takeoff

Skytanking, thrilled to join forces with Ryanair, sees this as a pivotal step in their service expansion. Craig Denmark, Skytanking’s General Manager – Ground Handling, emphasized their commitment: “We’re excited to grow with Ryanair. Our focus is on delivering a safe, professional, and on-time operation, aligning perfectly with their needs.”


Key Benefits for Passengers and the Industry

This alliance delivers a win-win for both passengers and the aviation industry:

  • Smoother journeys: Faster turnaround times minimize wait times and delays, enhancing the passenger experience.
  • Competitive airfares: Ryanair’s cost-effective model remains intact, benefiting budget-conscious travelers.
  • Industry growth: The partnership strengthens both companies, contributing to a thriving aviation landscape.

More to Come: A Partnership with Takeoff Potential

This initial 6-year agreement lays the foundation for further collaboration. Expansion plans for the UK, Netherlands, and beyond hint at a long-term commitment to optimizing ground handling across Europe.

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