God of War: PlayStation Creator Strikes Back Xbox Game Pass


God of War: PlayStation Creator Strikes Back Xbox Game Pass

The director of the original God of War, David Jaffe, revealed in a recent broadcast on his YouTube channel that Sony is preparing a “retaliation” to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service.

God of Wars
God of Wars

Recall that Xbox Game Pass for a monthly fee offers PC, Xbox, and Android users access to a library of more than 100 projects, including large-budget releases on the day of their launch.

Sony has its own service of a similar nature – cloud PlayStation Now (not available in Russia) – but the Japanese platform holder has not yet provided a direct answer to the Xbox Game Pass. However, according to Yaffe, this will not always be the case.

“I can say that I know they are doing something because I know the people at Sony who told me this. The answer to Xbox Game Pass will be. In what form, we do not know, “ – said Yaffe.

At the same time, Yaffe is sure that the Japanese platform holder will not eliminate the simple emulation of backward compatibility with previous generations’ consoles (PS3, PS2, PS1), even with support for trophies.


Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has previously said that the subscription model is not suitable for PlayStation Studios projects because their cost exceeds $ 100 million.

In a November interview with the TASS news agency, Ryan mentioned that one day Sony Interactive Entertainment would have something to tell about the answer to the Xbox Game Pass, but details have not yet been released.

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