Google Drive for iOS supports Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID, privacy password

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Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:42 pm

Google Drive for iOS becomes even safer thanks to the introduction of a feature that enables Apple’s Touch ID and Face ID to access the application.

The update is currently being distributed with version 4.2020.18204 and allows you to request authentication via face or fingerprint recognition with each new attempt to open the app from any compatible iPhone.

This way important documents or work files can be kept away from prying eyes.

Google Drive for iOS and the new “Privacy Screen” feature

The new function is called ” Privacy Screen ” and once enabled from Google Drive Settings it can be customized so that it can be activated immediately as soon as you switch to another app or you can delay by 10 seconds, a minute or 10 minutes if you perform many multitasking operations.

Google specifies that activating the function does not prevent shared data from remaining available through internet browsers or other apps. In any case, this is a novelty requested for a long time by those who use Google Drive on iOS, since it takes advantage of the FaceID, one of the most important features of the Apple ecosystem and in continuous development generation after generation.

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