Google Nest devices can now help users find iPhones


Google Nest devices can now help users find iPhones

Google today announced five new features for the Google Assistant that should make your daily tasks easier. One of the most exciting innovations is the ability to search for iPhones using Nest devices. Now you can ask Google Assistant to find your smartphone, and the voice assistant will play a melody on the iPhone, even if it is set to silent or Do Not Disturb.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

It’s worth noting that to take advantage of the new iPhone search feature, you need to enable notifications and critical alerts for the Google Home app on iPhone.

Besides, Google Assistant can now automatically fill in billing and contact information when ordering certain products online. Unfortunately, at the moment, this function works only when ordering food in several US restaurants. Still, there are hopes that in the future, the geography of its possibilities will expand.

Other innovations are not as large-scale. Now you can create routines for the voice assistant based on sunrise or sunset at a specific location. Google Home and Assistant will also begin to suggest actions to the user based on their typical behavior.

The latest innovation is a feature that will allow users to learn more about this year’s Oscars. Now the voice assistant will answer questions about the nominees in specific categories and when the show will air.

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