Google Pixel 6, soon one of its peculiarities will also be extended to other devices


magic eraser pixel – Great news for all users who own a Google Pixel. Soon a gem will be extended to all devices in the range

Google also continues to work on its Pixel devices. Recently, the sixth generation was officially launched with some super news. A great weight has been given to the photographic sector, one of the strengths of the smartphone not only for the hardware but also for the software side. There are in fact several very useful and interesting solutions.

Specifically, one of these will soon be extended to other devices belonging to the range (and not only). We are talking about Magic Eraser, exclusive of the recently released smartphones and which – thanks to artificial intelligence – allows you to eliminate from the shots all those elements that may be considered disturbing.

Google Pixel 6, here’s what you need to know about the Magic Easer

Basically, the Magic Easer of the Google Pixel 6 allows you to improve photographs and eliminate all disturbing elements using artificial intelligence. An advantage is that, with version 5.64 of Google Photos, will soon be extended to other devices in the range. On the net, in fact, several testimonials from users who have managed to exploit the feature with other devices even not belonging to the Google range are already chasing each otherAt the moment it is not yet clear whether to make everything work it is necessary to install modified versions of Google Photos or not.

Thanks to Android Police, however, a whole path has been found to follow to have the peculiarity right now. Just download Split APKs Installer (SAI) from the Google Play Store, and then go and download this version of Google Photos. At this point, open SAI again and tap on Install APK. After finding the previously downloaded file, just install it and then click update.


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