Google urges users to ditch passwords


The next time you sign in to your Google account, you’ll be prompted to set up a passkey.

Google has started actively encouraging users to create a “passwordless” password by default. We are talking about so-called access keys, designed to provide “faster and more secure login” to your account. 


Starting today, October 10, 2023, Google Account users are prompted to create a default passkey for their account. 

Google urges users to ditch passwords

As Google itself explains, passkeys are a simple and secure alternative to passwords. They let you sign in to your Google Account using your fingerprint, facial recognition, or your chosen device screen unlock method, such as a PIN.

At the same time, users will still be able to use traditional passwords, and also completely refuse to use access keys by disabling the “ If possible, do not ask for a password ” option for your account. 

Over the past year, Google has introduced passkey support for a number of its products, including Workspace and Cloud accounts, as well as the Chrome web browser. Many leading websites and apps also support passkeys. How to create a passkey is explained on the Google support page

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