Urgent Alert: Update Google Chrome Now! Critical Vulnerabilities Threaten User Data


A high-severity warning from CERT-In, India’s cybersecurity agency, urges immediate action: update your Google Chrome browser. Multiple critical vulnerabilities leave ...

generative ai

Generative AI and its Real-World Impact


Artificial intelligence (AI) has transcended mere buzzwords, becoming a transformative force across industries. But while traditional AI excels at analyzing ...

Google One Subscription Crosses 100 Million

Google One Hits 100 Million Users: AI Assistant “Gemini” Drives Subscription Boom


Google One, the popular cloud storage subscription service, has crossed a significant milestone: 100 million users! This impressive achievement comes ...

Google Drive storage

The disappearance of data from Google Drive storage affected a limited group of users.

Ruchita Ruchi

The problem has not yet been resolved Recently it became known that a number of users have lost some files from ...

Google's VPN

Android Auto is broken due to Google’s VPN, but it can be fixed


Google has already released an update Android Auto users recently encountered a problem – the application was disrupted by the ...


Fitbit has stopped selling in almost 30 countries


Google plans to offer Pixel instead Fitbit, which has been owned by Google for several years, announced it will stop ...

benefits of google workspace

Boost Your Productivity with Google Workspace, Benefits of Collaboration and Efficiency


Benefits of Google Workspace Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration ...

benefits of google analytics

The Power of Google Analytics, Benefits of Data-Driven Insights


The Benefits of Google Analytics Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into website performance and user ...


Android 14 crash ‘wreaks havoc’ on Pixel smartphones, Google investigates


This bug makes the devices very difficult to use Google has acknowledged the problem and is now studying a glitch ...

Google headphones

Google has figured out how to give all in-ear noise-canceling headphones the ability to measure heart rate.


The technology will rely on audio plethysmography Google has shown that headphones equipped with active noise cancellation can be equipped ...

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