Grand Wailea Unveils Kilolani Spa: A Luxurious Oasis Steeped in Hawaiian Wellness


Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Maui, the iconic Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, has unveiled its newest gem – the Kilolani Spa. This highly anticipated $55 million spa boasts a staggering 50,000 square feet, making it the largest in the state of Hawaii. More than just a place of pampering, Kilolani Spa is a carefully curated haven designed to immerse guests in the rich wellness culture of Maui, while embracing cutting-edge spa innovations.

A Commitment to Honoring Tradition and Embracing Innovation

JP Oliver, Managing Director of Grand Wailea, aptly captures the essence of Kilolani Spa: “Kilolani Spa truly embodies our commitment to honoring Maui’s rich wellness culture, while embracing the modern innovations of the spa industry.” This philosophy is evident throughout the spa’s design, treatments, and overall experience.

Personalized Treatments Rooted in Local Traditions

Kilolani Spa offers a personalized wellness journey for each guest, incorporating local influences, natural ingredients, and the essence of the “aloha spirit”. Guests can choose from a diverse menu of treatments that cater to individual needs and preferences. Whether seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or a deeper connection with Hawaiian traditions, Kilolani Spa provides a tailored experience.

A Paradise of Pampering: Explore the Spa’s Diverse Offerings

Spanning 40 treatment rooms, including dedicated couples’ suites, Kilolani Spa leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of ultimate relaxation. Guests can unwind in the meditation lounge, find tranquility in the reflection lounge, or experience the invigorating benefits of the halotherapy-infused infrared saunas. Additionally, the spa boasts a hammam, hydrothermal gardens, and a full-service salon and studio.

Guided by the Moon: A Unique Approach to Wellness

One of Kilolani Spa’s most captivating features is its alignment with the Hawaiian moon calendar. Developed in collaboration with cultural experts and renowned spa consultants, the spa’s programming seamlessly flows with the 10-day moon cycles (anahulu’s). This unique approach incorporates native botanicals, locally crafted signature products, and holistic treatments that fluctuate with the moon phases.

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Unveiling New Dimensions of Sound Healing

Kilolani Spa pushes the boundaries of spa experiences by introducing a unique blend of harmonic sound therapy and Oli (Hawaiian chants). This powerful experience, spearheaded by Kalei Uwekoolani, Grand Wailea’s Cultural Programming Manager, aims to clear negative energy and enhance overall well-being.

Design that Reflects the Spirit of Hawaii

Tihany Design, a renowned design atelier, masterfully crafted the spa’s layout to embrace Hawaii’s natural beauty. Open-air spaces seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, offering guests a truly immersive experience. The spa provides a variety of settings, from social lounges to private treatment rooms, catering to individuals, couples, and groups.

A Journey of Hydrothermal Bliss

The open-air Hydrothermal Gardens offer cleansing showers, a sauna, a steam room, a vitality pool, waterfall showers, and a serene garden. Connecting these spaces is a coed Hydrothermal circuit, perfect for group wellness experiences. At the heart of Kilolani Spa lies the only Hammam in Hawaii, a multi-cultural sanctuary designed for both communal rituals and private treatments.

Finding Serenity Outdoors

Beyond the walls, guests can relax in the soothing saltwater pool or experience the revitalizing benefits of the halotherapy-infused infrared saunas. The Meditation Lounge invites guests to participate in guided meditation sessions enhanced by innovative harmonic therapy, while the Reflection Lounge provides a tranquil space to unwind and enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

Paths to Fitness and Beyond

Kilolani Spa recognizes the multifaceted nature of wellness and offers various avenues for guests to achieve their fitness and well-being goals. From Hawaii’s first-ever station featuring cutting-edge preventative healthcare services to a Movement Studio hosting diverse group classes, the spa caters to diverse preferences and fitness levels. Guests can also access a state-of-the-art fitness center equipped with industry-leading brands like Peloton and Technogym.

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Q: When did Kilolani Spa open?

A: The exact opening date is not mentioned in the provided information, but it is described as “highly anticipated” and “new.”

Q: What are some unique features of Kilolani Spa?

A: Some of the unique features include:

  • Alignment of spa treatments with the Hawaiian moon calendar
  • Incorporation of Hawaiian chants (Oli) in sound healing experiences
  • The only Hammam in Hawaii
  • Hawaii’s first-ever station

Q: Does Kilolani Spa offer any fitness classes?

A: Yes, the Movement Studio offers various fitness classes, including beach yoga and group cycling.

Q: Can I purchase spa products at Kilolani Spa?

A: Yes, the spa features a dedicated retail space with locally-made products and Kilolani’s signature Lokelani essential oils.