Harley-Davidson has sold its Serial 1 electric bike brand


The buyer was LEV Manufacturing

Many car and motorcycle manufacturers have shown interest in the electric bike market, including Porsche, Ducati and Audi. Iconic American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson also had an electric bike division called Serial 1, which was eventually sold.

Yes, Harley-Davidson sold Serial 1 to LEV Manufacturing, a Florida-based company that makes lightweight electric vehicles. Just last year, Serial 1 introduced a range of models including the rugged Switch/MTB and Bash/MTN electric bikes, as well as second-generation bikes powered by Google Cloud.

Serial 1 opened its doors during the height of the pandemic in 2020, occupying a small space in the back of Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee headquarters. Since then, the brand has undergone many changes and moved part of its production to Taiwan. With the recent acquisition of LEV Manufacturing, there is hope that Serial 1 production will return to the US.


LEV Manufacturing explained that the acquisition of Serial 1 has great potential, especially for the US market, as local production will shorten the supply chain, leading to lower retail prices and shorter delivery times. In addition, service and support teams will also be created in the US, which will provide additional employment.

In a recent Electrek article, a spokesperson for LEV Manufacturing stated, “This is the perfect combination of a great American premium brand with exceptional American manufacturing focused on quality. We are thrilled to add more jobs in the U.S. and continue to create world-class products with the acquisition of Serial 1. Cost-cutting measures and lower MSRP will further increase the affordability of premium e-bikes for consumers.”

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