Has Intel started to move Nvidia in the AI ​​market?

It’s unclear exactly which CPUs Naver uses

Over the past year, Nvidia has become the undisputed leader in the artificial intelligence accelerator market. However, it is not the only one present in this market. Naver has reportedly replaced Nvidia accelerators with similar Intel solutions.

Intel started to move Nvidia
Intel started to move Nvidia

Naver previously used an Nvidia GPU-based server but has now replaced it with an Intel-based server. Naver is the largest Internet portal and the most popular search engine in South Korea. In this case, we are talking about a server that is responsible for the AI ​​for the Naver Place mapping service.

Has Intel started to move Nvidia into the AI ​​market?

Global information technology companies are reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated with rising prices for Nvidia GPUs and a global shortage of such GPUs. Analysts say the deal between Naver and Intel will likely reduce Nvidia’s influence in the artificial intelligence processor market.

Before putting the new server into operation, Naver tested it for about a month to understand whether, in general, Intel CPUs could compete with Nvidia GPUs in the tasks the company needed. Of course, there are no details about this, but since the deal was concluded, it means Naver was satisfied with the results. Additionally, the company says it will likely continue to use Intel’s next-generation processors, such as Sapphire Rapids, to upgrade its system.

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