How FSR 3 will fight DLSS 3.


Instead of one, as it happens now

AMD talked about its FSR 3 technology back in March. While she has not appeared, and it is not even clear when she will appear, but there are already new details on the Web.  


How FSR 3 will fight DLSS 3.

In particular, data was found in the GitHub database in the GPUOpen code indicating that FSR 3 may become unavailable to video cards from other manufacturers if they themselves do not want to implement its support. More specifically, it is reported that FSR 3 will be part of the graphics driver, which means that Nvidia and Intel video cards will simply not be able to support FSR 3 in games, as it happens with FSR 1.0 and FSR 2.0. Yes, we are talking about open source software, so Nvidia and Intel will be able to implement FSR 3 support in their drivers, but it is far from certain that they will want to do this. 

Another feature that was found in the software code indicates technical changes in the new generation of FSR. According to these data, FSR 3 will be able to generate up to four interpolated frames per real one. FSR in its current form, like Nvidia DLSS, can generate one such frame per real one, and the ability to generate more frames can significantly reduce the load on the GPU.  

It is possible that in games it will be possible to choose not only the quality mode for FSR 3, but also independently determine the number of interpolated frames that the technology will generate. 

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