How much faster is the M2 Ultra than the M1 Ultra and other Apple platforms?


Mac Studio’s cooling is amazing

More voluminous tests of new Macs based on the M2 Ultra have begun to appear on the Web. Blogger Luke Miani posted a review of Mac Studio based on this platform, where we can appreciate the full power of the M2 Ultra.

M2 Ultra
M2 Ultra

The new platform really came out incredibly productive. In this case, the author compares it only with other Apple platforms, but in general this is very correct, since Mac and Windows PCs often do not intersect in terms of software and audience.

As always, the results are highly dependent on the tests. For example, in Cinebench R23, the new M2 Ultra is 20% ahead of the M1 Ultra, which is quite a lot, but this result cannot be called something impressive. It is also clearly seen that the M2 Ultra is more than three times faster than the base M2.

How much faster is the M2 Ultra than the M1 Ultra and other Apple platforms?

In Blender, when using only the CPU, the difference between M1 Ultra and M2 Ultra is also not huge. But when using the GPU, it is already twice! Other tests also show a huge increase in the graphics processor part. By the way, in the same test you can see a comparison with the GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. Nvidia cards are two to three times faster.

In Final Cut Pro, the new M2 Ultra also confidently outperforms the M1 Ultra, but the difference here is also not very large. Approximately the same situation in the game Ride of Tomb Raider.

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Separately, it is worth noting the incredibly efficient cooling. Under load in the form of Cinebench, the M2 Ultra processor cores do not even heat up to 70 degrees, and the GPU can be called cold at all.

In general, it is clearly seen that the M2 Ultra confidently leaves behind all other Apple platforms, however, for example, the transition from M1 Ultra to M2 Ultra in many tasks may not make much sense due to a not very large increase.