How to convert audio files to MP3


How to convert songs and songs to MP3 to be able to keep and listen to them from your smartphone

Even if by now the music tracks can be listened to by the numerous streaming services available online, nothing prevents us from retrieving our large collection of albums in CD format or our collection of music tracks saved in the computer memory and moving it to our smartphone or tablet. , so you can listen to good music without consuming Internet traffic and without being connected (which is very useful if we travel abroad).

If we have songs in WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis formats or carefully store traditional audio CDs, in this guide we will show you all the tools we can use to convert a song to MP3 on any modern format , so that we can immediately act where necessary. and get a new library full of files ready to listen.

Convert songs to MP3 from PC

The best program to convert songs to MP3 from PC is MediaHuman Audio Converter , available for free for Windows and Mac.

This program is really very simple to use: drag our music files into the interface, make sure MP3 is selected in the format field at the top, choose the folder where to save the converted files (in the drop-down menu at the bottom) then press the Convert button to start converting to MP3.

Alternatively we can use the Fre: ac program , available free for Windows and Mac.

Also in this case the conversion to MP3 is really very simple: add the files by pressing the (+) symbol at the top, select the audio files, click on the Browse at the bottom right and choose the folder where to save the converted songs. To start the actual conversion, press the arrow-shaped button next to the Play button and select the LAME MP3 Encoder item .

If we have a single song to convert we can very well rely on Audacity , available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This program was born as an audio editor but can also be used as a converter, simply by loading the music file into the interface and pressing at the top on File -> Export As -> Export as MP3 , so as to be able to convert any music file into MP3. To learn more we can also read our guide Download Audacity 3 free in Italian, best mp3 audio editor .

Do we have numerous audio CDs to convert to MP3? In this case the best program we can use is Exact Audio Copy , available for free for Windows.

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This program perfectly converts all audio CDs, ripping to MP3 at the highest possible quality. In addition to being able to extract all the tracks from the CD, it also allows you to add the lyrics of the songs, to automatically complete the information on the individual tracks and on the album inserted. To know other similar programs we can read our guide Extract music from an audio cd and convert it to mp3 (Cd Ripping) .

The last program we want to point out is Freemake Audio Converter , available free for Windows.

In a very simple and clear interface we can load all the audio tracks present in the memory of our PC and choose the MP3 format below , so as to immediately convert the tracks into the indicated format, at the highest possible quality. In addition to MP3 format, other popular formats are also supported, so that we can always convert audio according to our needs.

Convert songs to MP3 from smartphone or tablet

If we want to convert to MP3 songs directly from our smartphone or tablet, we can use the Media Converter app , available for free for Android devices.

Using this app is very simple: we open the app on our phone or tablet with Android operating system, select the song or songs to be converted in the included file manager and finally press the Convert to MP3 button to start the conversion to this format.

Another converter that we can use on Android devices is FFmpeg Media Encoder , available for free for all devices (even those with outdated Android versions).

This app allows you to quickly convert any audio file on your phone or tablet to MP3; to be able to use it we will only have to load the file to be converted in the Input file section , choose the destination of the file in the Output file and finally choose MP3 Audio as the template below , taking care to press the Play button to start the actual conversion.

From iPhone and iPad we can convert a song to MP3 using the free The Audio Converter app.


With this app we will be able to convert any song on the fly, choosing MP3 as the output format and starting the conversion, which we can choose whether to save in the phone memory or share in some social app.

Convert a song to MP3 online

If we want to avoid using programs or apps for converting songs to MP3, we can use sites that can convert any file online. One of the best is without a doubt Convertio , which offers a page dedicated to converting songs to MP3.

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All we have to do is drag and drop the audio files from the PC to the site interface, so that we can immediately start converting to MP3 format. Once the conversion is complete, the files will be downloaded using the browser itself, like normal Internet files. The upload limit per single file is 100MB, but we can increase it by signing up for an online account.

Another online converter that we can use for the purpose is AnyConv , which also has a page dedicated to converting any song to MP3.

To use the site, simply press the Choose file button , choose the files to convert from the file manager and proceed with the conversion directly from the site. We do not have to do anything else, since at the end of the conversion the download of the song will be started directly in the browser.

Alternatively we can use the free service offered by , which is also very useful for converting any song to MP3.

To start the conversion, press the Open files button , select one or more songs to convert, choose the MP3 format and the quality of the final file, then press the Convert button to load the songs and convert them online; at the end the download of the converted songs will start.


While it may be anachronistic these days, it is always worth having quick tools at hand to convert music tracks in WAV, WMA or other audio formats to MP3, which is still the best format for listening to audio without the need for be connected to the Internet. And if we have several music audio CDs, we can quickly convert them to MP3 and recreate our music library in digital format, so as to be able to preserve the duration of the discs.

Always talking about music, we can also convert CDs, cassettes and vinyls to MP3 with other programs or use apps to convert audio and video on Android .

If, on the other hand, we are looking for universal conversion methods for any file, we invite you to read our article on File converters for each format and type, Sites and programs .

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