How to create a Google account without Gmail Signup


How to create a new Google account even without having to register a address

Google account is really essential nowadays, since it allows you to access a whole series of sites / applications related to the Google brand including YouTube, Google Maps and Google Drive, with the possibility also to save personalizations and searches made using Google as a search engine and using services such as Google Assistant and GBoard on smartphones. Furthermore, the Google account is essential to synchronize favorites and settings on the Chrome browser and, above all, to access the Google Play Store on Android smartphones and tablets , so as to be able to install applications.
While creating a Google account is very easy , I wanted to point out that it is also possible to create a Google account separate from Gmail , therefore without any need to also activate an e-mail address (which is not always welcome, especially for those who use only a few services. Google). Let’s see together how to create a Google account without Gmail, so as to use it only on mobile or as an account on which not to receive any e-mail message.

Special Google registration form

To create a Google account without Gmail you simply need to use the special registration form , which is different from the default registration page (where a Gmail account is also created).

It’s actually easy to switch from the default page to the one where you don’t need to register a new @ address, just click on the blue legible writing on the right that says: I prefer to use my current email address . Using this method it is possible to create a Google account without associating it with a new Gmail address but using any alternative e-mail address (such as @, @, @, @, @yahoo .it etc.).

To create this account we must therefore provide an email address that has never been used before on a Google account and finish the registration with name, surname, date of birth and password. If the page asks you for the phone number, enter it without problems : thanks to it Google will allow you to easily recover the password of the account and will allow you to activate the two-step verification, which make the Google account very safe and difficult to hack.

At the end of the registration, Google will send to the email address provided an automatic message containing a link to click to confirm that that email address is true and used. After confirming the account we can use any Google service or app by logging in with the email address provided and the password indicated during registration.

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The only Google service that we will not be able to use is obviously Gmail , which will require the creation of an @ address associated with the account. If we change our mind and want to get a subsequent Gmail address, all we have to do is access the Gmail page and create a new address

Use the new account on Android

The new Google account just created (without Gmail) can also be used on Android devices : it will give access to the Google Play Store and all other services and apps related to Google but will not allow you to use the Gmail app.

If we already have a Google account on our Android device and we want to add another, all we have to do is open the Settings app , press the Accounts and synchronization menu , scroll down and press Add account . In the new screen, press the Google icon and type the email address used to create the account and the chosen password, so as to be able to use all the other Google services without bothering Gmail (which will remain linked only to the traditional Google account present already on the phone or, in case we only use the special account, it will not work at all).

If we have multiple email accounts to check from a smartphone or tablet but do not want to use the Gmail app, we invite you to read our guide to the Gmail app for Android and iPhone alternatives to the official one .


The special Google account can work perfectly even without Gmail, so you can always have an account unlinked from the main one (to be used perhaps for tests or for accessing sites we do not know well) or as an account to download apps on a new android device. A Google account without Gmail is also useful in a business environment, so that only Exchange can be used to exchange e-mails between collaborators, customers or departments.

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