HP creates a completely new type of PC with artificial intelligence


These will appear in 2024.

Artificial intelligence is already actively changing various market sectors, and in the near future it will have an even stronger impact on the lives of ordinary people. Among other things, AI may allow the creation of an entirely new class of computers. At least Hewlett-Packard is already working on such a project. 


We think there is a real opportunity to create a new category of PC that will significantly rejuvenate this market. AI will help us rethink what a PC is, the experience that customers will be able to have will be very different, and we are working with all the key software vendors, key chip vendors to change the design of the PC and its architecture.

HP creates a completely new type of PC with artificial intelligence

HP says it’s building an AI-enabled computer that will enable customers to analyze data in record time.  

AI will be able to create spreadsheets, analyze data, and even have conversations about its findings in seconds.

And all this is not a project of some distant future. HP says such a device could be available as early as next year. 

Unfortunately, there are no other details yet, so it is not very clear what exactly will be in such PCs, what configuration they will have, and whether they will suit ordinary users.  

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