HTC to release washable Vive Air VR headset for fitness enthusiasts


HTC to release washable Vive Air VR headset for fitness enthusiasts

HTC is preparing to release a new Vive Air virtual reality headset targeted at fitness enthusiasts. Information about the new product was revealed on the website of the prestigious industrial design iF Design Award. As the description says, the VR headset is assembled in a lightweight body and equipped with four trekking cameras.

vive air
revive air

The description also states that the HTC Vive Air is ” designed specifically for intense and long-lasting virtual fitness sessions .” To this end, her headband and goggles use breathable knitted materials that ensure the most comfortable use in moments of intense stress. It is also reported that the soft components of the headset are easy to remove and can be washed.

Virtual simulator games like Beat Saber have been top-rated for a long time. There are also many boxing, dance, and other physically active games available for VR headsets. A headset specially designed for virtual fitness, with the ability to wash and advanced motion tracking technology, can be very relevant, writes the portal Engadget.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when exactly HTC is going to unveil the Vive Air. On the same website, the iF Design Award indicates that the release of new items will take place this year. The headset could likely be announced at ViveCon 2021, which runs from May 11-12.


Update. As an HTC spokesman later commented to Engadget, Vive Air is only a concept, not a draft of a serial product. Nevertheless, some elements of the described design will find application in future devices of the company. HTC’s comment specifically states: ” … it’s just a concept, but there are elements and ideas in the design that you’ll see in other products .”

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