Huawei named data the fourth most important resource after sea, land and air


Data is becoming more important nowadays.

Today, the opening of the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence (The Cloud Summit of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference) took place. The keynote speaker was Tao Jingwen, Huawei’s IT Director.


Huawei named data the fourth most important resource after sea, land, and air

He noted that at the time of the active use of artificial intelligence, Huawei has several suggestions. According to him, data is becoming increasingly important nowadays. Moreover, he said that it is the fourth most important resource after the sea, land, and air. Huawei believes that the development of artificial intelligence should strengthen this resource.

Industry organizations should improve legislation in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as develop ethical and industry standards. They should also create a common space for data exchange and promote the rational use of data. We must create an open ecosystem that fosters the development of artificial intelligence.

Tao Jinwen called for enhanced collaboration between governments, enterprises, algorithms, and professional technology in the artificial intelligence industry.



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