If the navel gives off a bad smell it could be this pathology


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:36 pm

It is usually new mothers who worry the most about their babies’ navel. In fact, this is a problem that mainly occurs with newborns. We are talking about omphalitis . What is nothing but the inflammation of the navel? Let’s see what it is.

If the navel gives off a bad smell it could be this pathology

As we have said, usually in adulthood we do not care much about the navel. But remember that it can be the ideal habitat for hundreds of bacteria and fungi.

pathology smell
pathology smell

Given its shape, it is easy for it to collect dirt of all kinds and not to be cleaned properly. In fact, omphalitis can also occur in adulthood. An inflammation with purulent and foul-smelling secretions.

In this case it is necessary to contact your doctor immediately, who will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

How to clean it

To avoid getting an infection it is best to know how to clean our navel. So as to prevent it from emitting unpleasant odors and accumulating bacteria.

The first thing to do is to remember that it exists. Often when we take a shower we don’t even consider it. Instead, it should be cleaned and washed as if it were an arm or a finger.

If we are people who sweat a lot, the navel cleaning must be very frequent. Because the humid environment that is created inside is more subject to the deposit of bacteria.

Just use mild soap and warm water. Remove any residue that has lodged inside. Various fluff and dirt. At this point, if we have a deep navel, we can use a cotton swab. Without rubbing we clean the inside well, rinse it and dry it well.

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The most important step is drying. Because it is in humid environments that bacteria proliferate.

If you notice irritation, contact your doctor

If, in addition to the bad smell, redness or irritation occurs, you should definitely contact your doctor. Otherwise, there is a risk of making the situation worse by relying on natural methods to eliminate these symptoms. Topical medications will likely be prescribed to clear the infection.

And that’s why if the navel gives off a bad smell it could be this pathology. The navel is that part of our body often forgotten but to which we must pay attention. And not only to that of our children, but also to ours.

We must be very careful about the signals that our body gives us. Always listening to them can help us diagnose the ailments that afflict us in time.

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