In Android 11, your own “Trash” may appear. But there will be no opportunity to directly get into it


Not all applications can delete to the trash

One of the many differences between Android and Windows is the lack of an analog of the Recycle Bin. Some Android applications have their own recycle bins, from which you can restore deleted files if you wish, but there’s nothing in the system itself. But in Android 11 may appear.

Android 11
Android 11

In Android 11, your own “Trash” may appear. But there will be no opportunity to directly get into it

You can find information in Google Docs that applications using the MediaStore API can send a file to the trash instead of deleting it. And from this basket, files can then be restored. At the same time, after 30 days they are automatically deleted so as not to take up space.

The Android recycle bin itself will be hidden, but applications with the appropriate permissions will be able to display files from the recycle bin. Apparently, this applies only to images and videos, but most of them need this.

It is not yet clear whether this will be implemented in the final version of Android 11, but such a function would obviously be useful to many.



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