In the brand new Tesla Model 3, the steering wheel fell off while driving


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:07 pm

It turned out that it was not screwed at the factory

Complaints about the build quality of Tesla cars have always been. In most cases, the case concerned walking clearances of body panels, but sometimes production mistakes are more serious. One such was reported by the British Jason Tuatara, who owns a white Tesla Model 3 for only a month.

In the brand new Tesla Model 3, the steering wheel fell off while driving

It is unlikely that buying a new Tesla Jason could think that after a month during the movement the steering wheel of the electric car will separate from the shaft and be in his hands. But, nevertheless, it all happened that way. Apparently, the speed was low, so the driver stopped on time and escaped with bewilderment. After the incident, Jason contacted the representative of Tesla, who was also confused: the woman said that she had never encountered such situations before. But be that as it may, the partially understaffed car was taken for repair, giving Jason a one-year-old Jaguar to replace it.

A day later, the owner received the electric car back, and the investigation showed that the steering wheel … was not bolted at the factory. Tesla promised to thoroughly investigate this incident, and the British regulator also promised to join the investigation.

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