Infinite and free Cloud space with Telegram


With Telegram and the Teledrive app you can get unlimited and completely free cloud storage space

telegram cloud
telegram cloud
Whenever unlimited and free cloud storage is announced, there is some hidden cost, or there is a strong privacy limitation that does not allow you to use that space to store personal data or it is just a promotion temporary. This time, however, we are faced with a truly free and limitless cloud space, which has existed for years, even if with a somewhat uncomfortable use, at least until now.

We had already reported in the past how it was possible to transfer files on Telegram, without limitations, by creating a chat with yourself. The files remain available online from any location, PC, or phone, from which Telegram is used and are never deleted from the application servers (as happens using Whatsapp).

Telegram’s free and unlimited cloud is perfect for sharing even large files, but it’s not very practical for personal use. There is no file management interface, there is no automatic synchronization app, there is no way to catalog files, you cannot create folders, categories, and filters to find, for example, a photo or document among hundreds.

Recently, however, a new service called Teledrive has come out that uses the Telegram APIs to create a real infinite and free cloud storage space, which remains similar to Onedrive or Google Drive .

Teledrive is really simple, immediate, safe and without hidden traps: you can log in with your Telegram account, then write the phone number used (on Telegram) and receive the confirmation code as an SMS.

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At that point, an interface will be presented with the list of personal files and the possibility of uploading one or more files online without limitations of size and with an infinite space. The only limitation is in the usable bandwidth, which for one day is 1.5 GB for upload and 2 GB for download. Unlimited bandwidth unlocking requires payment of $ 10 per month.

Keep in mind that all the files that you upload to Teledrive will be saved and will also be found in the saved Telegram messages.

According to the FAQ, since Telegram has no payment plans for the future, the cloud with Teledrive will also be free forever. As for privacy, as Telegram’s storage is used, all uploads are encrypted by default.

The only uncertainty lies in the possibility that the Teledrive service may be closed by its operators due to costs (which can happen at any time) and in the possibility that Telegram may, in the future, limit or interrupt its cloud storage APIs (this shouldn’t happen).

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