Ingenuity successfully completes its second flight


Ingenuity successfully completes its second flight

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) reported another achievement: the Ingenuity helicopter completed its second flight in the Martian atmosphere.


Recall that the aircraft Ingenuity (“Ingenuity”) arrived on the Red Planet aboard the rover Perseverance (“Perseverance”). This helicopter weighing about 1.8 kg, is equipped with two rotors with a diameter of about 1.2 m. The apparatus is not intended for scientific research – its task is precisely to demonstrate the possibility of flying on Mars.

Last Monday, April 19, Ingenuity made its first flight on the Red Planet. Then the device reached a height of 3 meters, and the total flight duration was 39.1 s.

This time, the helicopter was given more complex tasks. He had to reach a height of 5 m and perform certain maneuvers associated with taking off to the side and turning.

“The Martian helicopter has completed its second flight by acquiring this image (see above) with its black and white navigation camera. It has also reached new milestones in altitude, hover time, and lateral flight, ”NASA said in a statement. 

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