Interesting Ethan, an unnamed village and clever enemies: new Resident Evil Village details from the latest Game Informer release


Interesting Ethan, an unnamed village and clever enemies: new Resident Evil Village details from the latest Game Informer release

Insider AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem), in his microblog, briefly shared information from the new Game Informer article about Resident Evil Village and fresh screenshots of the game.

Resident evil village
Resident evil village

Recall that Resident Evil Village became the main theme of the April issue of Game Informer. Capcom’s ambitious horror story is dedicated to multi-page material with exclusive details.

According to AestheticGamer, Resident Evil Village will emphasize first-person storytelling: users will hear the thoughts of Ethan Winters (the main character), which, in turn, plays on the psychological nature of the horror.

Capcom understands that Ethan was not really revealed during Resident Evil 7, so in the new part, they will show what the protagonist is interested in. The authors deliberately keep the role of Chris Redfield secret. Still, they hint that the game will affect the dark sides of the character’s personality, which have already manifested themselves in the past.

As for the sub-titled Resident Evil Village, the village has no name for historical reasons. Why exactly, the creators promise to explain in the course of the passage.


Despite the abundance of corpses (both people and not only) throughout the village, but the location will also become home to many live animals, including chickens, pigs, horses, fish, and the like.

Animals in Resident Evil Village can be hunted – their meat/eggs are traded with an obese merchant nicknamed The Duke to improve Ethan’s basic stats, including health, movement speed, and block strength.

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The developers assure that the various werewolves present in the Resident Evil Village are smarter and more cunning than any other enemies in the history of the series: they act differently in a group and individually, waiting for the heroin ambush (on the roof, in the bushes).

Werewolves also know how to run very quickly on all four legs (it takes a couple of seconds to get ready), climb walls, and breakthrough obstacles. Users can barricade themselves from monsters in their homes (it won’t do without a scene in the spirit of Resident Evil 4).

For example, the developers cite an episode in which Ethan, along with several werewolves, finds himself in a wheat field. Enemies move briskly, and to determine their location, you will either have to listen to the rustle or briefly protrude from the ears.

The core of Resident Evil Village’s design philosophy is a mix of calm, scary, and adrenaline-pumping moments. Capcom knows that a good horror movie is not about monsters.

The creators also claim that Resident Evil Village contains the largest and most “vertical” locations in the series’s history. In this regard, the authors increased the hero’s movement’s speed but made the threat even more dangerous than before.

Resident Evil Village will have more options for interacting with the environment (for example, a shot at a bag of flour will temporarily stun enemies). The quality of puzzles will increase – they are already considered the best in the entire franchise at Capcom.

Earlier, it was reported that Game Informer would share exclusive details and gameplay fragments of the Resident Evil Village on its website and YouTube channel over the next two weeks.

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The release of Resident Evil Village is expected on May 7 this year on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S. At the end of March, Capcom announced the system requirements for the game with and without ray tracing.

Another piece of new information about the Resident Evil Village will be announced on April 16 as part of the Resident Evil Showcase’s upcoming release. It is assumed that the show will present a second demo – its files have already been uploaded to PSN.

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