IOS Update: Apple releases the beta 3 of iOS 13.5, macOS 10.15.5, watchOS 6.2.5 and tvOS 13.4.5


Last month Apple released iOS / iPadOS 13.4 introducing several new features, now work is continuing with the new software versions thanks to the introduction of the beta dedicated to developers for the main operating systems. This is how the new versions of macOS 10.15.5, watchOS 6.2.5 and tvOS 13.4.5 arrive.

beta 3 of iOS 13.5
beta 3 of iOS 13.5

As for the iPhone operating system, the first beta of iOS / iPadOS 13.5 arrives which among the innovations introduces the first integration of the Exposure Notifications, in practice the API that will serve the new tracking applications for contagions from COVID-19. In practice, the previous iOS 13.4.5 numbering now goes to iOS 13.5, which in fact despite the change of name represents the third beta. Of course, in case of further details, we will talk about it in the next few hours.

As always, the developer builds of each operating system can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center from scratch by all those enrolled in the beta testing program, otherwise, it is possible to wait for the OTA notification regarding iPhone and iPad.



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