iPhone 15 Pro will get “solid-state buttons”.


Users will feel like they are pressing a physical key

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirms that Apple plans to replace the pushable physical volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro with a new solution.

He claims that Apple will use “solid-state buttons” in the iPhone 15 Pro, and Cirrus Logic will be the biggest beneficiary of this, which will become the exclusive supplier of Taptic Engine vibration motors for new touch buttons.


The shape and layout of the new buttons will not change, but the Taptic Engine will be used to simulate feedback. This technology was first used in the iPhone 7, while some users have been using it for a long time and did not realize that the button was not physically pressed.

The analyst reports that “solid-state buttons” will be able to provide very realistic feedback, making the user feel like they are pressing a physical key.

Back last year, Ming-Chi Kuo first announced that Apple would ditch the physical buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro. Then he suggested that the new smartphone will have as many as three Taptic Engines and has now confirmed this. 

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