iPhone smartphones are poorly equipped


He is not shy about criticizing Apple

Honor Research Center in Shenzhen recently opened. During the event, brand head Zhao Ming talked to the media about technology research and development, as well as competitors.

Zhao Ming revealed that Honor’s investment in R&D in 2022 accounted for about 10% of revenue: “Looking at the mobile phone industry, how many companies can invest 10% of their income in R&D like Honor?”

He also sharply criticized Apple and iOS, said that Honor intends to catch up and surpass the company’s smartphones from Cupertino.

iPhone smartphones are poorly equipped


When it comes to Apple, everyone says iPhones are poorly equipped, have poor connectivity, and have short battery life. Everyone recognizes this. You can see that the signal of the younger iPhones is weak, the battery life is short, and the frame around the screen is huge. The reason the iPhone sells for so much is because Apple has iOS and its ecosystem. It seems that iOS can hide all the flaws and problems of Apple.

Zhao Ming also noted that MagicOS 7.0 will offer an experience comparable to iOS. Honor wants to catch up and surpass Apple in terms of OS and ecosystem fluidity, and build its own core capabilities.


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