iQOO Unveils Powerful New Tablets: The iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro Set to Launch in China


Calling all tech enthusiasts with a penchant for large displays and top-tier performance! iQOO is gearing up to launch the next generation of its tablet series – the iQOO Pad 2 and iQOO Pad 2 Pro – on May 31st, 2024, in China. These successors to the original iQOO Pad promise significant upgrades, catering to users who prioritize a powerful and immersive tablet experience. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know so far about the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro, including their design, display specifications, performance capabilities, camera systems, and more.

iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro Set
iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro Set

A Familiar Yet Refined Design

Both the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro borrow design cues from their predecessor, the iQOO Pad. The back panel features a familiar circular camera module, housing the rear cameras. The front opts for a centered hole-punch design for the selfie camera, maximizing screen real estate. The power button remains conveniently located on the top edge, while speaker grilles flank the bottom of the tablets. This design approach prioritizes both functionality and a sense of sleek minimalism.

Unveiling the Displays: Size and Resolution Take Center Stage

The display is where the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro begin to differentiate themselves. The standard Pad 2 boasts a large 12.1-inch display with a crisp 2.8K resolution. This display is perfect for enjoying multimedia content, browsing the web, and tackling productivity tasks. However, if you crave an even more expansive viewing experience, the Pad 2 Pro steps up the game with a larger 13-inch display. This Pro variant also boasts a higher 3.1K resolution, ensuring exceptional image clarity and detail. Both tablets share a smooth 144Hz refresh rate, guaranteeing a fluid and responsive user experience, especially when gaming or scrolling through content.

Powering Performance: A Tale of Two Processors

The iQOO Pad 2 takes a bold approach to processing power, opting for the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset. This powerhouse processor is designed to handle demanding tasks like multitasking, video editing, and even high-end mobile gaming with ease. The iQOO Pad 2 Pro, however, takes a different route, leveraging the power of the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ processor. Both processors are known for their efficiency and excellent performance capabilities, so the choice between the two might depend on individual preferences and specific software optimizations for each chipset.

Long-lasting performance with Generous Battery Capacities

Regardless of the processor you choose, both the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro are built to last. The standard Pad 2 is equipped with a sizable 10,000mAh battery, offering ample power for a full day’s use on a single charge. However, the iQOO Pad 2 Pro takes the cake with an even larger 11,500mAh battery. This behemoth battery is designed for power users who demand the most out of their tablets, ensuring long-lasting performance for extended gaming sessions, video streaming, and multitasking.

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Capturing Your Moments: A Glimpse into the Camera Systems

While full camera specifications haven’t been officially revealed yet, leaks suggest the iQOO Pad 2 will feature a basic camera setup with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. This setup might be sufficient for casual video calls and capturing quick snapshots. The iQOO Pad 2 Pro is expected to offer a more advanced camera system, featuring a 13MP primary rear camera and an 8MP front-facing shooter. This configuration suggests a potential focus on capturing higher-quality photos and videos on the Pro variant.

An “Extraordinary e-Sports Experience” Awaits

Both the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro are touted to deliver an “extraordinary e-sports experience.” However, specific details regarding these features remain shrouded in a bit of mystery. Leaks mention features like “self-developed rendering super scores,” Monster+ mode, and support for game ray tracing. These features seem to hint at iQOO’s focus on optimizing tablets for mobile gaming performance. We expect more information about these specific features to be revealed closer to the launch date.

Availability: A China-Only Launch for Now?

iQOO has officially announced the launch of the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro in China on May 31st, 2024. Pre-orders for these tablets are already underway through the Vivo China e-store. However, there’s currently no information regarding the global availability of these devices.


Q: When are the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro launching?

A: The tablets are scheduled to launch in China on May 31st, 2024.

Q: What processors do the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro use?

A: The Pad 2 utilizes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset, while the Pad 2 Pro leverages the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ processor.

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Q: What is the battery capacity of the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro?

A: The Pad 2 packs a 10,000mAh battery, and the Pad 2 Pro boasts an even larger 11,500mAh battery.

Q: Will the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro be available globally?

A: As of now, there’s no official confirmation regarding a global launch. The original iQOO Pad was only available in China.

Q: Are the iQOO Pad 2 and Pad 2 Pro good for gaming?

A: Both tablets boast powerful processors and high refresh rate displays, suggesting they might be optimized for mobile gaming. iQOO also mentions features like “self-developed rendering super scores” and Monster+ mode, hinting at a focus on gaming performance.

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