Is EA Shutting Down Its UK Quality Assurance Team for Apex Legends?


A recent rumor has sent shockwaves through the Apex Legends community, suggesting that Electronic Arts (EA) might be closing its UK quality assurance (QA) division dedicated to the popular battle royale game. This potential closure could significantly impact the development and quality control of Apex Legends, particularly for players based in the European region.

Sources Claim Unexpected Contract Terminations

According to a report by Insider Gaming, citing anonymous sources, around 40 contract workers within the UK QA team for Apex Legends were recently informed that their contracts would not be renewed. The news came as a surprise, delivered during a seemingly routine “Business Update” meeting held virtually via Zoom.

Is EA Shutting Down Its UK Quality Assurance
Is EA Shutting Down Its UK Quality Assurance

What added to the confusion was the reported lack of awareness among managers and project leads regarding the decision. They were informed only after the meeting that contracts related to quality management wouldn’t be extended.

A Newly Established Team Facing an Uncertain Future

The UK-based QA team specifically dedicated to Apex Legends was established in 2022. Since then, they have played a crucial role in maintaining the game’s quality control throughout Season 16 and potentially beyond.

The sources claim that the team consistently delivered strong performances, achieving all internal goals and objectives set by EA. This makes the news of their contract termination even more perplexing, as there seems to be no indication of performance-related issues.

“Everything seemed to be heading towards a normal update ready for next year’s Apex,” stated one anonymous source who expressed shock at the unexpected development.

EA Cites “Company Restructuring” But Questions Remain

While the official reason provided during the meeting revolves around “company restructuring,” the specific details surrounding this restructuring remain unclear. The lack of transparency and the reported unawareness of key personnel raise concerns within the community.

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Some speculate that this move might be a cost-cutting measure by EA. However, considering the massive success of Apex Legends, with millions of active players as recently stated by CEO Andrew Wilson in March 2024, such a cost-saving tactic seems counterintuitive.

Another theory suggests that EA might be outsourcing the QA function to a different location, potentially at a lower cost. However, the impact on quality control and potential communication barriers due to geographical distance remain significant concerns.

Potential Impact on Apex Legends Development

If the rumors regarding the UK QA team’s closure materialize, it could harm the development and quality of Apex Legends, particularly for European players. Here’s a breakdown of some potential consequences:

Delayed Updates and Bug Fixes: A smaller or geographically dispersed QA team might lead to delays in identifying and resolving bugs within the game. This could result in a frustrating experience for players encountering unaddressed issues.

Reduced Focus on Regional Testing: With a dedicated UK team potentially no longer present, the focus on quality assurance for the European region could diminish. This might lead to issues specifically impacting European players due to different server locations and player behavior patterns.

Communication Challenges: Outsourcing QA functions could create communication barriers between developers and testers. This could lead to a disconnect between intended gameplay experiences and the actual player experience in different regions.

The Community Reacts with Uncertainty

The rumor of the UK QA team’s closure has sparked discussions and concerns within the Apex Legends community. Many players expressed their worries about the potential impact on the game’s quality and the treatment of the dedicated QA staff.

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The lack of clear communication from EA further fuels speculation and anxiety. Transparency regarding the future of the UK QA team and the overall QA strategy for Apex Legends would be greatly appreciated by the community.


Q: Is EA closing its UK QA team for Apex Legends?

A: As of now, these are unconfirmed rumors. EA has not officially announced any closures.

Q: Why would EA close its UK QA team?

A: The reported reason is “company restructuring,” but specifics are unclear. Theories include cost-cutting or outsourcing QA functions.

Q: How will this affect the quality of Apex Legends?

A: If true, it could lead to delays in updates, bug fixes, and reduced focus on regional testing, potentially impacting the player experience.

Q: What can players do?

A: Players can voice their concerns on social media platforms and encourage EA to be transparent about the situation.