“James Cameron did it again”, “An example of what “cinematic” means today.” Ratings of the film “Avatar 2: The Way of the Water”


Over 50 reviews published

More than 50 reviews of the science fiction film Avatar: The Way of Water have already appeared on the review aggregator Metaritic, which will go into theaters tomorrow, December 16th.

The average score for Avatar 2: The Way of the Water is 69/100, while the original 2009 film received a 83/100 with a Must See recommendation from Metacritic. 3444 users rated the first part 75/100, there are no user ratings for the second part yet.

IGN gave Avatar 2: The Way of the Water an 80/100, acknowledging that there were no breaks in the plot, but the film is replete with excellent visuals and Pandora’s landscapes. The review also noted the excessive lengthiness, which was also noted by the first critics after the pre-premiere show . It is also said that there are too many characters in the film and three hours is not enough to reveal all the personalities.

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water
Avatar 2: The Way of the Water

CNN’s review (85/100) states: “James Cameron has done it again with Avatar: The Way of the Water, which resurrects that sense of wonder and demands to be seen by anyone with an interest in watching movies in theaters.”

The following are quotations from other publications:


There’s an energy here that, unfortunately, hasn’t been in many recent Hollywood blockbusters. In 2022, The Way of the Water may not be the most complex or intelligent film, but it’s an example of what “cinematic” means today.

Reel Views (100/100)

Directed by James Cameron’s epic sequel, there’s a lot to pack in: a worthy sci-fi blockbuster, a master class in visual effects, and the best nature documentary you’ll ever see.

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CNET (76/100)

In Avatar: The Way of the Water, director James Cameron pulls you in so deeply and floats you so gently that at times you feel like you’re not so much watching the movie as you are floating in it.

L.A. Times (70/100)

The magnificent presentation of The Way of Water couldn’t be more thrilling – the drama that unfolds within this world isn’t always so masterfully rendered.

Screen Daily (60/100)

Avatar: The Path of Water is both more extravagant and dumber than Avatar, which was pretty goofy from the start.

Time (60/100)

Undoubtedly, millions of people will easily lead The Way of Water to box office success. But the indulgence of it all makes one yearn for the raw, impulsive action of Cameron’s first two Terminator films.

The Irish Times (40/100)

 Avatar 2
Avatar 2

The Telegraph rated the film 20/100, calling it “a sad sight,” while the San Francisco Chronicles rated it 25/100, saying the hour-long story was stretched to 192 minutes.

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