What Apple hid: a fresh update extends the life of the Apple Watch Ultra


The watch can work up to 17 hours continuously

Apple last night released a platform update for watchOS 9.2 branded smartwatches, which brought quite a few new features. However, enthusiasts have discovered a very useful innovation for the flagship Apple Watch Ultra, which Apple, for some reason, did not indicate in the release note. 

 Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

We are talking about increasing the battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra. When using an Apple Watch Ultra with Low Power mode and Multisport workout tracking, watchOS 9.2 can run for up to 17 hours continuously, according to “discoverer” Jake Krol.

Note that Apple previously promised “up to 12 hours of outdoor training with GPS” or “up to 10 hours of outdoor training with GPS and LTE.” With the release of watchOS 9.1, the watch received an improved power saving mode, and watchOS 9.2 takes one more step in this direction. 

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