July 8th in Gaming: A Whirlwind of News, Closures, and Controversy


The gaming industry is a constantly churning beast, with new developments and controversies erupting seemingly every day. July 8th was no exception, with a diverse array of news stories grabbing headlines. Let’s dive deeper into some of the most intriguing developments.

July 8th in Gaming
July 8th in Gaming

Publisher Shuffles and Early Access Woes

War Thunder Changes Hands in Russia and CIS

Popular vehicular combat game War Thunder has undergone a regional publisher shift. Gaijin Entertainment, the game’s developer, announced a new partnership with a different publisher for Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. While details remain unclear, Gaijin warned players that attempting to transfer their accounts to the new publisher might result in them losing access to the Steam version of the game. This news highlights the ongoing complexities of global publishing deals within the gaming industry.

Manor Lord Struggles in Early Access

Manor Lords, a city-building strategy game currently in Early Access on Steam, seems to be embroiled in classic Early Access woes. The lack of substantial updates has sparked frustration among players. However, the publisher has publicly defended the developer, emphasizing the challenges of ongoing development. This situation exemplifies the potential pitfalls of Early Access, where games can languish for extended periods without significant progress, leaving communities feeling neglected.

DLC Delights, Console Rumors, and Cultural Clashes

Romance and Improved Graphics Spice Up “The Corsair’s Heiress”

Fans of the Caribbean adventure game “The Corsair’s Heiress” received a welcome surprise on July 8th. The first major DLC expansion for the game, aptly titled “The Corsair’s Heiress: A Love Story,” arrived alongside patch 1.2. This expansion adds new romance options, improved graphics, and various bug fixes. This news serves as a reminder of the ongoing support developers can provide for popular games, enhancing the player experience with additional content and technical improvements.

The Power of Rumors: Is the Switch 2 Less Powerful?

Nintendo fans were buzzing with speculation after rumors surfaced regarding the potential specs of the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. The whispers suggest that the new console might be less powerful than the current Steam Deck, a portable PC gaming device. While official confirmation is still pending, these rumors highlight the fervent anticipation surrounding the next generation of Nintendo hardware.

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Lost in Translation: A Music Video Mishap

A cultural misunderstanding unfolded with a Japanese blogger’s attempt to critique the game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” The blogger edited the game’s soundtrack, replacing it with music that supposedly criticized the game’s portrayal of race. However, the editing process inadvertently resulted in unintentionally offensive imagery. This incident serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of cultural awareness and the potential pitfalls of misinterpretation in gaming communities.

Cancelled Content, Compensation Controversy, and Studio Closure

Dr. Disrespect Fades from Rogue Company

The ongoing saga of streamer cancellations took another turn with the removal of Dr Disrespect’s character skin from the free-to-play shooter Rogue Company. The developers replaced the skin with a generic “air” character, sparking discussion about online personality controversies impacting video game content. Players who previously purchased the Dr Disrespect skin received in-game currency as compensation, a decision that left some unsatisfied as it doesn’t reimburse the real-world cost of the skin.

Zenless Zone Zero: Bug Fixes and Gacha Debates

Developers miHoYo addressed player concerns regarding bugs in their newly released title Zenless Zone Zero. A list of acknowledged issues and implemented fixes was published, outlining efforts to improve the game’s overall stability. Additionally, some players took to discussion forums, advocating for miHoYo to abandon the game’s gacha mechanics (a system where players spend in-game currency on randomized items) and instead focus on creating a full-fledged premium AAA title. This debate highlights the diverse preferences within gaming communities regarding monetization models.

A Sad Farewell: Piranha Bytes Closes Down

The gaming world received a major blow with the announcement of Piranha Bytes’ studio closure. This German developer, responsible for beloved RPG franchises like Gothic, Risen, and Elex, could not be saved. The reasons behind the closure haven’t been publicly disclosed, but it signifies the ever-present reality of studio struggles within the competitive gaming industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I lose access to War Thunder on Steam if I transfer my account to the new Russian publisher?

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A: Gaijin Entertainment hasn’t provided definitive answers yet. They recommend players exercise caution and avoid transferring their accounts unless necessary.

Q: Should I buy Manor Lords in Early Access?

A: It depends on your expectations. If you’re comfortable with the potential for slow development and want to support the game’s future potential, consider purchasing it. However, if you crave frequent updates and finished content, it might be wise to wait for the game to leave Early Access.

Q: Will the Nintendo Switch 2 be a powerful console?

A: The leaked information regarding the Switch 2’s specs is unconfirmed. While it may not surpass the Steam Deck in raw power, Nintendo consoles often prioritize different performance aspects, such as battery life and portability.

Q: Was the Japanese blogger’s editing of the Animal Crossing soundtrack intentional?

A: It appears to be an unintended consequence of the editing process. While the blogger intended to criticize the game, the manipulated visuals ended up being offensive. This highlights the importance of careful content creation and consideration of potential cultural misunderstandings.

Q: Will I get a full refund for the Dr Disrespect skin in Rogue Company?

A: No. Players who purchased the skin received in-game currency as compensation, not a real-money refund. This has caused some frustration, as the in-game currency doesn’t necessarily equate to the real-world cost of the skin.

Q: Will miHoYo remove gacha mechanics from Zenless Zone Zero?

A: It’s highly unlikely. Gacha mechanics are a core aspect of miHoYo’s business model. However, the player feedback highlights the ongoing debate within the gaming community about monetization strategies, particularly the use of gacha systems.

Q: Will Piranha Bytes ever reopen?

A: The future of the studio remains uncertain. Studio closures are often permanent, but there’s a chance that some former Piranha Bytes employees could form a new independent studio in the future.