Shadow of the Erdtree: MissMikkaa’s Epic Elden Ring Achievement


The notoriously difficult world of Elden Ring has claimed countless casualties, both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. But for streamer MissMikkaa, overcoming the challenges presented by FromSoftware’s open-world RPG isn’t enough. She tackles them with a unique twist – a dance mat.

This article delves deeper into MissMikkaa’s recent feat: conquering the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring, entirely with a dance mat as her controller.

Shadow of the Erdtree
Shadow of the Erdtree

A Week of Dancing Through the Lands Between

MissMikkaa’s journey through the Shadow of the Erdtree wasn’t a quick one. It took her a dedicated week of perseverance to navigate the expansion’s treacherous landscapes and formidable enemies. The sheer dedication required to master the unconventional controls and overcome the game’s punishing difficulty is truly awe-inspiring.

While the exact breakdown of her deaths isn’t provided, she mentions encountering her demise a staggering 325 times. Interestingly, 69 of those deaths were attributed to gravity, highlighting the additional challenge of navigating the world with a dance mat.

The Grueling Finale: 7 Hours and 52 Attempts to Dance the Final Boss Down

The true test of MissMikkaa’s skill came in the form of the Shadow of the Erdtree’s final boss. Here, the intricate dance moves required to control her character and outmaneuver the boss became paramount.

She revealed that it took her a grueling 7 hours and a whopping 52 attempts to finally vanquish the final boss. This showcases the immense commitment and focus needed to overcome such a challenge with a non-traditional controller.

A History of Dance Mat Mastery in the Lands Between

This isn’t MissMikkaa’s first foray into conquering Elden Ring with a dance mat. Previously, she completed the base game entirely with the unconventional controller, showcasing her remarkable dexterity and adaptation. This prior experience undoubtedly played a crucial role in her success with the expansion.

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MissMikkaa has pushed the boundaries of Elden Ring challenges even further. She has also completed a playthrough where she used a controller for one character and a dance mat for another, requiring her to flawlessly switch between control methods during boss fights.

These achievements solidify her position as a true Elden Ringmaster, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible with alternative control schemes.

Reactions and the Future of Dance Mat Challenges

MissMikkaa’s accomplishment has garnered significant attention within the gaming community. Her tweet announcing the victory, with a hopeful “I hope Miyazaki is proud of me,” has undoubtedly resonated with fans who appreciate the dedication and skill required for such a feat.

Whether this inspires other streamers to take on similar dance mat challenges in the future remains to be seen. However, it certainly raises the bar for alternative control playthroughs and has sparked conversation about the creativity and ingenuity of the gaming community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why would someone play Elden Ring with a dance mat?

A: Some gamers enjoy the challenge of overcoming difficult games with unconventional controls. MissMikkaa’s dance mat playthrough demonstrates the creativity and skill required for such feats.

Q: Is there any benefit to playing Elden Ring with a dance mat?

A: Beyond the personal satisfaction of overcoming a difficult challenge, there’s no inherent gameplay advantage to using a dance mat. However, it can improve dexterity and reaction time through focused practice.

Q: Has anyone else completed Elden Ring with a dance mat?

A: While the information on other dance mat playthroughs is limited, MissMikkaa’s documented success and online presence suggest she may be one of the most well-known for this particular challenge.