Learn, Sony: the smallest PlayStation 5 with a removable optical drive is presented


It is 60% smaller than the original PS5

The new version of the PlayStation 5, released by Sony in November 2023, is not much smaller than the original model of the console. Not everyone was happy with how much the PlayStation 5 Slim has shrunk . Enthusiast modder Not From Concrete managed to put the Japanese manufacturer to shame by showing how to reduce the size of consoles.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

He introduced the Tiny PlayStation 5, a tiny special version of the console, which is positioned as the smallest PS5 with a removable optical drive. It is 60% smaller than the standard PS5.

Learn, Sony: the smallest PlayStation 5 with a removable optical drive is presented

It is based on the PlayStation 5 version of the CFI 1200 with a smaller motherboard. It also uses a smaller M.2 SSD with a maximum length of 42 mm, a modified cooling system with a Blackridge radiator and a 120 mm Noctua fan. The power supply has been replaced with a smaller 250W model from HD Plex to save space.


The drive is placed in a separate case so that, if necessary, it can be connected or removed at any time to facilitate transportation. Despite the smaller cooling system, the temperature of the Ryzen chip remains below 60 degrees Celsius during games, but the Noctua fan runs at maximum speed, so this mini version of the PlayStation 5 is louder than the regular version.

Let us recall that while developing the PlayStation 5 Slim, Sony reduced the body size by 30% and reduced the weight by 24%. In addition to support for a removable drive, the new version of the console has some improvements, such as a 1 TB solid-state drive and two USB Type-C ports.

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