Lenovo spoke about internal reorganization and development strategy for the next decade

Lenovo spoke about internal reorganization and development strategy for the next decade

Lenovo unveiled plans at this week’s event to transform itself from a global device company into a technology leader in global solutions and devices, services, and software.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing and other senior executives have outlined the company’s strategy, structure, and goals that will enable it to grow over the next decade and position it as one of the world’s leading technology leaders in bringing smart technologies to users.


Over the past year, amid the COVID pandemic, Lenovo has met a global need for technology solutions, one of the first to resume production after many factories were closed in the early stages of the pandemic, building a new plant in 47 days and making massive charitable donations.

Lenovo’s resilience has enabled it to grow across all business areas, double its annualized share price, and prepare for its fourth transformation in a 35-year history into a more inclusive technology leader, combining devices + services + software + solutions in its portfolio.

Lenovo’s strategy for the next decade leverages all the strengths it has today and combines them into comprehensive solutions that align with technology market trends and address customer business problems in three ways:

  • Device proliferation: Whether it’s “one computer, tablet, or another personal device,” more and more people need dedicated devices. Lenovo will offer a full range of devices for each segment, develop new form factors, add 5G connectivity, explore augmented reality, and offer new collaboration tools.
  • End-to-end infrastructure: Customers today want integrated solutions that combine hardware with software, support, and expertise. Lenovo will continue to expand its offering of a wide range of infrastructure portfolios from on-premises data centers to private and public clouds and from edge to cloud solutions.
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Transformation: Lenovo offers foundational technologies for emerging trends, including IoT, Big Data, algorithms, and edge computing. Lenovo will combine hardware and services to create smart manufacturing, education, retail, and cities.
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Since April 1, 2021, Lenovo has consolidated its business groups around a new organizational structure focused on Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Verticals & Services:

  • IDG (Intelligent Devices Group) will focus on Smart IoT;
  • ISG (Infrastructure Solutions Group), which was previously DCG (Data Center Group), will focus on the development of Smart Infrastructure;
  • SSG (Solutions & Services Group) will work on Smart Verticals & Services.

Chairman and CEO Yang outlined goals to accelerate the company’s transformation over the next fiscal year, including:

  • Become a leader in the PC market for large enterprises, small and medium businesses, and consumers.
  • Achieve profitability in new markets fueled by 5G innovation.
  • Achieve 2x the growth of the company in the Solutions and Services Group.
  • Achieve double-digit growth in the Infrastructure Solutions Group


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