LG has confirmed plans to launch a roll-up smartphone in early 2021. It will get a BOE display


LG has confirmed plans to launch a roll-up smartphone in early 2021. It will get a BOE display

According to a recently published patent, LG is working on the world’s first roll-up smartphone. According to the latest rumors circulated by sources familiar with the matter, this device will receive a BOE matrix and will be unveiled early next year.

Lg smartphones
Lg smartphones

It is reported that the unfolded smartphone screen will be able to boast a diagonal of 8 inches. Rumors of the device’s imminent release were confirmed by LG’s executive director Kwon Bong-Seok, who announced that the company will launch a roll-out-screen mobile phone in 2021. LG has already begun prototyping this device at its Pyeongtaek plant. It is assumed that several thousand prototypes will be released before the start of the mass production of the smartphone. The device will receive a thick rectangular body with a small external screen, function keys, and a button to unlock the slide-out display. A single-camera is located on the bottom of the case

The device will support a stylus. It should be noted that the screen cannot be fully expanded. In this case, the interface will automatically adjust to the size of the visible part of the display. In addition, LG plans to use a cylindrical battery and an easily removable casing in the device, designed to facilitate repair and maintenance of the device. In the patent, LG has detailed the technology and operational capabilities of the smartphone, which gives confidence that it will indeed be on the market soon.