Mars at 8K. The Japanese will send a device with an ultra-high definition camera to the Red Planet

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The mission starts in 2024

Mars is one of the most visited space objects by human vehicles. It is much more interesting than the Moon from the point of view of the study, and at the same time, due to its location and conditions on the surface, it is much more suitable for scientists than Venus.

Mars at 8K
Mars at 8K

Mars at 8K. The Japanese will send a device with an ultra-high-definition camera to the Red Planet

While the Perseverance rover is now heading towards Mars, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), has decided to send an 8K camera to the Red Planet.

The Super Hi-Vision camera is going to be installed on the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) spacecraft, which will set off on its journey in 2024. The initial goal of the mission is for the first time to take and then deliver soil samples to Earth from one of the satellites of Mars – Phobos. In addition, MMX will observe a second satellite, Deimos, as well as explore climatic conditions on Mars.

The Super Hi-Vision camera will take many 8K photos, some of which will be sent to Earth immediately. From these materials, supplemented by data from the spacecraft itself, a “smooth image” of the MMX flight will be created. All other photographs will be stored in a special capsule that MMX will send to Earth along with soil samples from Phobos at the end of its mission. The capsule will return to us in 2029.

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