Maruti Fronx Delta Plus (O) Variant Launched: Enhanced Safety at an Attractive Price


The Maruti Fronx, a subcompact crossover that debuted in India in April 2023, has received a new variant – the Delta Plus (O). This variant prioritizes safety by offering six airbags and a puncture repair kit at a more affordable price point compared to previous offerings. Let’s delve deeper into the details of the Delta Plus (O) and how it stacks up against existing trims.

Maruti Fronx Delta Plus (O) Variant
Maruti Fronx Delta Plus (O) Variant

Understanding the Maruti Fronx Variant Structure

Maruti introduced the Fronx in five main variants: Sigma, Delta, Delta Plus, Zeta, and Alpha. Each variant offers a distinct set of features and functionalities. The new Delta Plus (O) slots in between the Delta Plus and Zeta variants, specifically catering to safety-conscious buyers seeking a well-equipped option without breaking the bank.

Unveiling the Delta Plus (O): A Closer Look

The Delta Plus (O) variant is exclusively available with the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, unlike the regular Delta Plus that offers both naturally aspirated and turbo-petrol engine options. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and pricing:

  • Transmission: Available in both 5-speed manual (MT) and 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) options.
  • Pricing:
    • Delta Plus MT: ₹ 8.78 lakh (ex-showroom)
    • Delta Plus (O) MT: ₹ 8.93 lakh (ex-showroom) (Premium of ₹ 15,000)
    • Delta Plus AMT: ₹ 9.28 lakh (ex-showroom)
    • Delta Plus (O) AMT: ₹ 9.43 lakh (ex-showroom) (Premium of ₹ 15,000)

Safety Boost: The defining aspect of the Delta Plus (O) is the inclusion of six airbags and a puncture repair kit, features absent in the standard Delta Plus variant. Previously, six airbags were only available on the Zeta variant, priced significantly higher at ₹ 10.56 lakh (ex-showroom). With the Delta Plus (O), Maruti has made this crucial safety feature 1.6 lakh rupees more accessible.

Other Features: The Delta Plus (O) inherits several features from the Delta Plus variant, including:

  • 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • 4-speaker sound system
  • Automatic climate control
  • Day/night IRVM (inside rearview mirror)
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Safety Features (Standard across all Fronx variants):

  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Hill hold assist
  • Seatbelt reminder for all seats
  • 3-point seatbelts for all seats
  • ISOFIX child seat anchorage

Powertrain: The Delta Plus (O) comes equipped with the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine delivering:

  • Power: 90 PS
  • Torque: 113 Nm

A Trade-off for Enhanced Safety: It’s important to note that the Delta Plus (O) forgoes the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine option available in the regular Delta Plus variant. This engine offers slightly more power (100 PS) and torque (148 Nm).

Maruti Fronx Delta Plus (O): A Compelling Safety Proposition

The introduction of the Delta Plus (O) variant addresses a critical need for safety-conscious car buyers in India. By offering six airbags and a puncture repair kit at a more attractive price point, Maruti makes these essential safety features more accessible. While the Delta Plus (O) sacrifices the turbo-petrol engine option, the enhanced safety features and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for those prioritizing occupant protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key differences between the Delta Plus and Delta Plus (O) variants?

A: The main difference lies in the safety features. The Delta Plus (O) offers six airbags and a puncture repair kit, whereas the standard Delta Plus doesn’t. The Delta Plus (O) also comes at a slight price premium.

Q: Does the Delta Plus (O) variant offer the turbo-petrol engine option?

A: No, the Delta Plus (O) is exclusively available with the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine.

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