Mid-Size SUV Sales in India Spike in April 2024: Mahindra Takes the Lead


The Indian car market, particularly the SUV segment, continues to witness impressive growth. In April 2024, mid-size SUV sales figures reveal a strong performance, with some interesting trends emerging. This analysis delves deep into the data, exploring the top contenders, surprising dips, and overall market dynamics.

Mid-Size SUV Sales
Mid-Size SUV Sales

Mahindra Dominates Mid-Size SUV Segment

Mahindra emerged as the undisputed king of the mid-size SUV segment in April 2024. Let’s break down their winning strategy:

  • Mahindra Scorpio Reigns Supreme: With a staggering figure of nearly 15,000 units sold, the Mahindra Scorpio leads the pack by a significant margin. This dominance can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the vehicle’s robust build, powerful engine options, and competitive pricing. It’s important to note that this figure encompasses sales of both the Mahindra Scorpio N and Mahindra Scorpio Classic variants.
  • Mahindra XUV700 Follows Closely: Following the Scorpio’s lead is its younger sibling, the Mahindra XUV700. Despite clocking sales figures less than half of the Scorpio, the XUV700 still commands a respectable market share of close to 22%. Mahindra managed to ship over 6,000 units of the XUV700 in April, solidifying its position as a strong contender in the premium mid-size SUV space.

Shifting Sands in the Mid-Size Segment

While Mahindra reigns supreme, other established players in the market experienced mixed results:

  • MG Hector Edges Out Tata SUVs: An interesting development comes from the mid-table battle between the MG Hector, Tata Harrier, and Tata Safari. Both Tata SUVs witnessed a decline in month-on-month (MoM) sales. The MG Hector, on the other hand, managed to sell over 1,800 units in April, inching ahead of the Tata Harrier and outperforming the Tata Safari by a slight margin.
  • Hyundai and Jeep Face Sales Slumps: Hyundai’s Alcazar witnessed a significant MoM decline of over 14%, with sales dropping from 1,400 units in March to a little over 1,200 units in April. Similarly, Jeep Compass also experienced a sales dip of over 14% MoM, shipping close to 300 units in April.
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Key Takeaways and Market Trends

The April 2024 mid-size SUV sales data offers valuable insights into the current Indian car market landscape:

  • Mahindra’s Strong Showing: Mahindra’s dominance in the mid-size SUV segment is undeniable. Their strategic combination of powerful engines, rugged build quality, and competitive pricing resonates well with Indian car buyers.
  • Competition Heats Up: While Mahindra leads the pack, the mid-size SUV segment is far from a one-horse race. MG Hector’s growing popularity and established players like Tata Motors and Hyundai are constantly innovating and refining their offerings to stay competitive.
  • Consumer Preferences Evolve: The MoM sales decline for some models like the Hyundai Alcazar and Jeep Compass suggests that consumer preferences are constantly evolving. Manufacturers need to stay agile and adapt their offerings to meet these changing demands.


Q: What factors contributed to Mahindra’s strong performance in the mid-size SUV segment?

A: Mahindra’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the robust build quality and powerful engines of their vehicles, along with competitive pricing strategies.

Q: Which mid-size SUV segment witnessed the most significant MoM sales decline?

A: The Hyundai Alcazar witnessed the most significant MoM sales decline in April 2024, dropping over 14% compared to March 2024 figures.

Q: What are some upcoming mid-size SUV launches expected in India?

A: Several manufacturers are expected to launch new or updated mid-size SUVs in the coming months. Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting developments.

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