Mermaid wave hair Styles are having a moment for summer 2023


Summer 2023 has truly been the season of ‘Mermaidcore’ everything—in no small part thanks to Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid—with mermaid waves becoming the latest aquatic-inspired trend to sweep our socials.

Whether it’s salty ‘Mermaidcore’ perfumes or blue nail designs, we’re all desperate to be part of that world—especially with The Little Mermaid streaming soon. And while bob hairstyles ala Hailey Bieber and brunette balayage have been dominating the hair trends, mermaid-Esque waves are right up there with them.

The style is effortless and according to Tyler Moore, expert stylist at Live True London,  waaay easier to pull off than you might think. So, for anyone wanting to embody Ariel vibes, here’s how to recreate the beachy waves, according to a hairstylist…

Tyler Moore – Expert Hairstylist

Mermaid wave hair Styles
Mermaid wave hair Styles

Tyler is an expert hairstylist at Live True London, whose broad hairdressing experience lies within luxury and premium brands, creating high-fashion hairstyles for the likes of Burberry, Comme De Garcon and Vogue Italia. This expert know-how helped to formulate the FUL London range, ensuring products could hold up to the demands of luxury styling.

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