Meta rolls out new safety tools – Children will be safe on Facebook and Instagram


Meta has introduced many new tools keeping in mind the privacy of teenagers. Along with this, new filters have also been added to features like People You May Know. Apart from this, the company is preparing a unique platform, which will prevent intimate photos of teenagers from going viral on social media.

meta children safety
meta children safety

Meta has released an update to better protect the privacy of teens using Facebook and Instagram. Through this update, new tools have been found on Facebook and Instagram, through which the data of children will be safe on the social media site. Also, new filters have also been added to features like ‘People You May Know and ‘limiting friends’. The company believes that the data of users younger than this will be completely safe and no one will be able to misuse personal data.

Young users will get more privacy

According to the company’s official blog post, new users on Facebook who are under the age of 16 will get new security features by default on the platform. While existing users will be asked to change the privacy setting.

Teenagers will not see suspicious accounts

With the new privacy features in place, teens won’t see a single suspicious account in the People You May Know section. These will be accounts that have been recently reported by a user of 18 years of age or older. At the same time, the send button will be removed from the chat of such accounts on Instagram as well. Currently, testing of these features is going on.

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Safety pop-up will be available on messaging

When teens message users above 18 years of age, they will get a safety notice pop-up. In this, teenagers will be asked if they know that person. If teenagers refuse then they will get facility from blocking to reporting that user.

Work is going on on this particular platform

According to Meta, the company is currently working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to create a dedicated platform to stop self-generated intimate photographs. With its arrival, intimate photos of teenagers will be prevented from going viral on social media.

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