New event in Free Fire MAX, many rewards including Weapon Royale Voucher


A new event has gone live in Free Fire MAX. In this, players will have to make some guesses and if the guess is correct, they will get a reward. Its specialty is that even if the guess is wrong, the gamer will still get a cool reward.

Free Fire MAX
Free Fire MAX

Several events are going on in Free Fire MAX right now. In this, players are getting one-to-one good dhamaal rewards. The FFWS 2022-themed event has also gone live on the popular battle royale game. Along with this, a new Hyperbook has also been launched. Free Fire World Series 2022 Play-Ins and Grand Finals can be held on 25 and 26 November. For this reason, the game has launched an official new Pick ‘n Win event to connect players to the tournament. In this, players have to make predictions related to the tournament. If he gets it right, he will get many amazing items as a reward. Read below to know in detail. Also Read – Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for Today 22 November 2022: Great chance to win characters and pets for free today, know how to claim

Free Fire MAX Pick ‘n Win Event

The event went live on 21st November in Free Fire Max and will run till 1st December. However, players need to submit their guesses before 7:29 PM on November 26 to be eligible for the rewards. Players have to predict three things and if they get it right, they will get rewarded. Also Read – Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes 21 November: Free Fire Max will get free Glue Wall and emotes today, know how to claim

Guessing will have to be done for these things

  • Guess a team that is better than Arvon’s selected team.
  • Name the weapon that will kill most players.
  • Who will be the champion team?

These rewards will be available during the event

Guessing for the Arvon task will fetch the rewards mentioned below. Also, Read – Free Fire MAX Redeem Code for Today (19 November): Get Diamonds and Characters in Free Fire Max Redeem Codes Now

  • Wrong Guess (Consolation Prize) – an FFWS Shield Token
  • Correct Guess (Grand Prize) – One FFWS Shield Token and One Gold Royale Voucher

The list of rewards available for selecting the weapon is given below.

  • Wrong Guess (Consolation Prize) – an FFWS Shield Token
  • Correct Guess (Grand Prize) – 1 FFWS Shield Token and 1 Weapon Royale Voucher

The one who guesses the champion will get these rewards.

  • Correct Guess (Consolation Prize) – 1 FFWS Shield Token
  • Wrong Guess (Grand Prize) – One FFWS Shield Token and one Diamond Royale Voucher

How to reach the event?

  • First of all open Free Fire MAX on your device. Make sure that you have installed the latest OB37 version.
  • Then go to the Pick ‘n Win under FFWS 2022 section by clicking on the calendar icon on the left side.
  • Now click on the Go to the button. Now you will reach the event page.

Switch the tab and select the option from the table. Then click on the Predict button.
Submit your guesses by November 26. The result will come after FFWS 2022. Players will be able to claim the prize till December 1.

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