Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be released on PC on May 6 – with RTX 2060 in “minimal”


Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be released on PC on May 6 – with RTX 2060 in “minimal”

Publisher Deep Silver and development studio 4A Games have announced a specific release date and system requirements for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on the official website of the Metro series.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Recall that Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is a graphically improved edition of the post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus. The release was promised this spring.

The developers did not lose the timing of the release: Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be available on May 6 on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS, Microsoft Store). For owners of the original game, the upgrade to the Enhanced Edition will be free.

The creators have assured that Steam, GOG, and EGS users will transfer the progress made from Metro Exodus to the Enhanced Edition. Also, the new edition will add the ability to unlock chapters (when you activate it, you won’t be able to get achievements).

As for the system requirements of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, they, as the developers warned, assume that the user has a video card with support for ray tracing.

For example, to run the Enhanced Edition at 1080p at 45 fps with normal graphics and ray tracing settings, you need an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, and to achieve 4K at 60 fps and maximum settings, an RTX 3090 is required.

In addition to PC, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is also announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S. The game will appear on the next-generation consoles before the end of this year, and they promise to share the details closer to the release.

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